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Cynthia Bialek is currently recognized by the international Yoga Alliance organization as an E- RYT500 Yoga Teacher. This status recognizes over 500 hours plus of yoga and other related education in anatomy and physiology. Many E- RYT500 Yoga Teachers open their own school of yoga and develop a teacher training program based on their own teaching experience, education, and other influences.  Cynthia chose to do just that.  After spending over 15 years developing fitness programs for several Health Clubs, she honed in on just what made her Yoga classes different from others.  Encouraged by her own students, Cynthia developed YAVA YOGA.  YAVA, in Sanskrit means “refining” thus YAVA YOGA means “refining yoga”.  YAVA YOGA combines functional preparatory movements into the flow of asanas to improve the safety and success of practicing yoga.  Therefore, YAVA YOGA is for everyone.  Both classes and individual training sessions can be tailored to the level of the participants.  YAVA YOGA is a progressive and systematic approach to obtaining better health.

Backward Bow Pose

Full Forward Pose

Both Big Toes Pose

Upward Bow Pose

Full Head Stand Pose

Splits Pose w/ Cow Face Pose

Seated Twist Pose

Revolved Half Moon Pose